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Discover Sicó in all its dimensions

Viewpoints with horizons as far as the eyes can reach … Karst scenery allied to plants that only exist in this zone of the planet…

Listen to the miracles, the legends and the history that is told through dolmens, castles, roman villas and noble houses. Land once disputed by barbarians, romans, christians, moors and french!

Discover tracks of life from millions of years ago and witness the action of ancient rivers and seas! Relax to the sound of water flowing off the mountain range while you taste the incomparable gastronomy that enlaces the handicraft.

All this involved in a scenery and a way of life unique in the world, that the romans called tapeius. Why not experience all this?

Maximize your time: let us guide you through our routes and vehicles and get to know the Sicó region in all its splendor with all the comfort and quality. Consult our suggested routes or ask us for a personalized one. In order to make you feel special, we are geared towards small groups, providing experiences for groups from two persons.
We also provide activities through our educative service, exploring all the pedagogic and educational potential of the vast scenery of the Sicó region.